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Share secrets and track their status. Now create your own user account with which you can see all your shared secrets in one place. So you can see for yourself whether your secret has already been viewed or has expired.



Simple overview

It has never been easier to keep track of your shared secrets. Discover all of your shared secrets including the current status in your dashboard.

Fast access

Do you want to share a secret again? No problem! In your dashboard you will find the links to all your secrets and you can do so later access the share option.

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This secret has not yet been viewed and the expiration date has not yet been reached. So it is still available for retrieval via the link.
This secret was viewed before the expiration date. So it is no longer available for retrieval.
This secret was not viewed before the specified expiration date and is therefore no longer available for retrieval.

Clear labeling

Clear signs with no frills: The three-color system shows you the status of your secrets at first glance.

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