That's how it works

Your data is important and should be treated that way. In order to give you a better insight into how our platform works, we have prepared the process in the following in a simple and transparent manner.


Your secret

Everything starts with your entry on the start page: You write a secret message in the field, set the duration and confirm by clicking on the green button.


The transfer

Your secret will immediately be encrypted and transmitted to our server and stored there.


Share your secret

You will be shown a link under which your secret can be accessed exactly once.


The recipient

As soon as you have sent your secret, the recipient can access it via the link. Once the person has viewed the secret, it cannot be accessed a second time.

That's it!

It's that easy to share passwords and secret messages over the Internet. Below you will find other approaches that you can consider to increase the security of the transfer.

  • Divide and rule: Separate sensitive information (e.g. username and password) into multiple secrets. In this way you prevent an unauthorized person from gaining complete access data by accessing the link.
  • Public networks: Your network activities are not secure in public networks (e.g. public hotspots). Always make sure that you are on a trusted network.
  • Hash before you share: You can increase the security of your transmission by encrypting the message beforehand with an extra key. In this way, you can transmit your secret and the associated key in a separate message and access by an unauthorized person to your secret link would be relatively safe.

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