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So that your data is safe

Our services are hosted exclusively in Germany according to the highest data protection standards. Our servers are located in Nuremberg (Germany).


Sustainable energy supply for our servers

We also focus on sustainability in the area of energy supply: Our servers are supplied with 100% green electricity.

Our responsibility

Responsible handling of your data

We do not use the stored data for any other purpose than that specified. We neither look at the data nor analyze it in any way. Only anonymized usage data is collected to improve our service. You can find more information on this in our detailed data protection declaration .

Safety first

What does "safer" mean?

In any case, this tool is more secure than sending critical information within e-mails or chats. If you are not sure about entering your data, you can hash it beforehand and transfer the key to the recipient.

We generally recommend never encrypting complete information within a secret. Always separate critical access data into several secrets (e.g. user name and password).


This is how your data will be transmitted

To protect data transmission, we use the latest security standards such as a secure, encrypted transmission mechanism (SSL) when we save and process information. Our service is also updated and maintained at regular intervals.

Minimizing data

Save only as much as necessary

In order to be able to guarantee anonymity and security, you do not have to provide any data or create an account with us. The service completely dispenses with linking the data with one another. We only save the following information:

  • Your secret
  • The validity period

No additional data is saved and therefore cannot be linked to the data afterwards.

Not all questions answered?

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