Share One-time passwords and sensitive information securly

With the help of Share Your Secret you can easily share sensitive information such as passwords securely. Share Your Secret generates a secret link with which the shared information can be accessed exactly once.

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End-to-end encrypted (AES)
100% Privacy protected
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Elevate Your Security: Transformative One-Time Password Sharing

In our digitally connected world, safeguarding our online presence is paramount. One-Time Passwords (OTPs) have emerged as a stalwart defense against cyber threats, adding an extra layer of security to our accounts. However, the task of securely sharing these dynamic codes has often been an intricate puzzle—until now. Enter, the game-changer in One-Time Password sharing. Are you tired of the complexities and vulnerabilities associated with One-Time Password sharing? It's time to embrace a new era of secure communication. Join the revolution with and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sensitive information is in safe hands. In a world where security is paramount, is the key to unlocking a new level of protection for your digital presence. Elevate your security, embrace the future, and trust to safeguard what matters most.

That's how it works

Share Your Secret is the safe, easy and fast password sharing tool. With our tool, you can conveniently share your data with family, friends or colleagues in a matter of seconds. And that's how it works: Three simple steps to your personal link, which you can then share with others
Enter your secret to be shared in the upper text field and confirm with the green button.
Share the link
Your secret will be encrypted and saved - you will then receive a link that you can send.
The recipient of your individual link can then access your secret exactly once.

One step further:
The Share Your Secret App

Create your own user account now with which you can see all your shared secrets in one place. So you can see for yourself whether your secret has already been viewed or has expired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions


By sharing on our platform, you can secure your shared information in the long term. In the event of unauthorized access to your e-mail inbox, the intruder will not have access to passwords and access data sent to you earlier.

This question is answered very quickly: Because I can and like to do it. I enjoy being able to make the digital world a bit better with my tools.

The service is operated and further developed without any commercial ulterior motives. This means that we have no interest in selling and/or collecting user data - and we don't have to. This makes Share Your Secret a trustworthy service for sensitive data.

Product & Service

This means that the secret link has already been viewed. If this happens unexpectedly, check with the sender to make sure the link hasn't been visited by mistake. In a worst case scenario a third party accessed the link, which could indicate that your communication channel and/or device has been compromised.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. Our service is designed for maximum security, which means that all secrets are encrypted in the database - including the password. Nobody, including us, can read the password or secret.

No. Once a secret is retrieved, it disappears forever. All you can do is ask the original sender of the secret to recreate it and share the link with you.


As soon as you actively instruct the extension to do so, the extension records the marked text on a page and then opens in a new window. Your marked text can then be found in the input mask and you can start creating your secret straight away.

None. Our extension has only one purpose: To give you the opportunity to access our service quickly and easily. Only the text to be encrypted is transferred to the form. No data and / or the content of your text is saved or passed on in any other form.

Security & Privacy

After the transfer, your secret will be encrypted and saved. This is how we ensure that nobody can read or misuse the transferred data. In addition to encryption, we recommend that you split your shared information into several secrets: For example, split your username and password into two independent secrets and share them with the recipient via different channels.

Our password feature enables you to further secure your secret: In the event of unauthorized access to your secret link, the attacker cannot view your secret without the password. This gives you the option of sending the password and your secret link separately from each other.

Secrets will be kept until the expiry specified by you. If your secret is not viewed in this period of time, it will no longer be available after the validity has expired.

It couldn't be safer

Your secrets are not kept secret for a reason. Responsible handling of your data is just as important to us as it is to you. We make sure that your secret remains one. Your message will only end up with the person for whom it is intended - in any case more securely than the classic "silent mail".

Made in Germany

We use the latest encryption technologies, host in Germany and provide our service with sustainable energy. So your secrets are not only safe, but are also transported using sustainable energy sources.
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